Monday, May 13, 2013

Lost in Midworld

Goodness. I just finished reading the first five Dark Tower comic books more or less back-to-back. And... wow.

As always, possible spoilers behind the cut.

I was super excited when these first started coming out, and signed up to receive them. But I only got a few in before I cancelled the sub. It was just moving so slowly, and it was hurt by the fact that the first trade was essentially a rehash of  the middle portion of the fourth Dark Tower novel. 

So I tried out the first issue of each of the subsequent four and ended up cancelling it after the first, not even bothering to start "The Battle of Jericho Hill."

But when I got a great deal on the first five trades, I decided to go ahead and give them another try. If for no other reason than being a Dark Tower completionist.

And you know, it works a LOT better as a trade, in every case. While I'm still not that engaged with the first volume, the rest were fantastic, with the humor, despite the darkness, carrying the third, some incredible art in the fourth and the fifth being transitional and heartbreaking. Oh, Alain, Aileen, Cuthbert...

I wish there was more. Is that dumb? I want to see more of their training, before Hambry, with Thomas and Jamie and the others. I want to see how Marten first joined Gilead's court. I'd love to see the ka-tet around Stephen more. And who knows. Maybe someday...

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