Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Books You Read When You Need Something Light & Fun

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme started and run by the awesome Broke and Bookish blog. This week's lists are the top ten books I go for when I need a light, fun read.

1. Howl's Moving Castle - Love this book. Love the characters. Love the fantasy. Love what a quick read it is.

2. Retribution Falls - Adventure and steampunk and piracy! Backstabbing and double crossing! Hilariously flawed characters? Yes please!

3. Any Night's Watch book - Terry Pratchett has written so many great books, but the ones that speak most to me are the Night's Watch ones, and especially early in the series, they're incredibly fun and funny, endlessly rereadable.

4. The Hobbit - A children's tale, written as such, it's definitely a breath of fresh air after my normal diet of generally serious and often lengthy fantasy books. It's just a tale that makes me smile.

5. Jig the Goblin series - Especially the first one. Skewering the tropes and tendencies of fantasy stories while turning the narrative on its head? I loved this story and return to it reasonably often. 

6. The Perilous Gard - Light and fun more because it's a children's book than necessarily because of themes, but I always found it to be a quick, upbeat read.

7. The Moist Von Lipwig books - Yeah, yeah, more Terry Pratchett. So sue me, these books are great!

8. Fairy Tail manga - Much like Retribution Falls, it's the sense of fun and adventure that mkes this an easy one to come back to when I need something to breeze through and enjoy.

9. The Parasol Protectorate series - To greater and lesser extents depending on the volume, but I thought overall the series had a wonderfully wry sense of humor that generally kept things moving along at a great and often funny clip.

10.  Any of the Redwall books except for Loamhedge - I loved these books, though in Loamhedge the somewhat disturbing themes that I could mostly enjoy books in spite of spiked to a point I couldn't enjoy it anymore. 

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  1. Love the classic fantasies on your list! The Hobbit and Howl's Moving Castle are awesome! And you included some Gail Carriger! Just my sort of list. Happy Reading!