Saturday, May 18, 2013

Robots abound

I've been reading Pluto lately, and it's really making me want to look into more robotics and AI style sci-fi stories.

I understand that Pluto is a reworking of an Astro Boy arc by Osamu Tezuka. And man, it's making me want to pick up Astro Boy as well to read this, despite the fact that Astro Boy is one of the few Tezuka books I've never before really had an urge to check out (along with Kimba - pretty much anything else I'm curious about)

I love the depth of character everyone is given. I have to keep reminding myself at times which characters are robots and which ones aren't. I love the mystery - it has a sort of desperation and fear to it that I find sort of addictive. there's a real weight to the proceedings.

I've been stopped at Vol. 5 thanks to not having 6 on hand. I'm thinking it'll be time to order the rest. :)

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